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2019 Investor Seminar

Pursuing our value creation strategy

We held our 2019 Investor Seminar on 7 May in Arlington, United States.
Find presentations and videos of the individual sessions below.


Nestlé: Pursuing our value creation strategy
Mark Schneider
Video 00:25:56 | Presentation (pdf, 1 Mb)

Innovation: Surprising and delighting consumers - including Q&A session
Patrice Bula, Stefan Palzer
Video 00:59:55 | Presentation (pdf, 8 Mb)

Growing in Zone EMENA - including Q&A session
Marco Settembri
Video 00:28:15 | Presentation (pdf, 2 Mb)

Zone AOA: Sustainable growth in a fast-evolving environment - including Q&A session
Chris Johnson
Video 00:28:50 | Presentation (pdf, 2 Mb)

Zone AMS: Accelerating growth in 2019
Laurent Freixe
Video 00:48:25 | Presentation Zone AMS (pdf, 5 Mb)

Nestlé USA: Enabling profitable growth in Pizza & Ice Cream
Steven Presley
Video 00:29:31 | Presentation (pdf, 1 Mb)

Q&A session
Laurent Freixe, Steven Presley
Video 00:20:10

Patrice Bula
Video 00:00:56

Leading the world of coffee
David Rennie
Video 00:20:12 | Presentation (pdf, 3 Mb)

Winning in PetCare
Joe Sivewright, Nina Leigh Krueger
Video 00:14:09 | Presentation (pdf, 3 Mb)

Nutrition: Winning with science, innovation and speed in the First 1000 Days
Thierry Philardeau
Video 00:14:32 | Presentation (pdf, 3 Mb)

Q&A session
Patrice Bula, David Rennie, Joe Sivewright, Nina Leigh Krueger, Thierry Philardeau
Video 00:24:59

Nestlé Waters: Driving sustainable, profitable growth - including Q&A session
Maurizio Patarnello
Video 00:25:46 | Presentation (pdf, 4 Mb)

Nestlé Health Science: Empowering healthier lives through nutrition - including Q&A session
Greg Behar
Video 00:26:28 | Presentation (pdf, 2 Mb)

Growth and returns
François-Xavier Roger
Video 00:21:52 | Presentation (pdf, 1 Mb)

Q&A session
Mark Schneider, François-Xavier Roger
Video 00:53:18 | Transcript (pdf, 450 Kb)

Replays of the sessions are available on YouTube