Feb 26, 2015

Nestlé commits to new principles for protecting consumer data privacy

Nestlé has committed to a new set of consumer engagement and data privacy principles, as part of an industry effort to be more responsive to consumer concerns about how personal data is stored and used.

The commitments, part of an agreement among members of the Consumer Good Forum (CGF), entail a number of actions the consumer goods industry will take on a voluntary basis and as appropriate to each business. These actions include enabling consumers to more easily choose whether and how their personal information is used. The CGF is a global industry network of which Nestlé is a member.

“These Consumer Engagement Principles are an important first step in identifying common building blocks of trust in an increasingly complex data and technology driven business context,” said Nestlé Global Head of Digital & Social Media, Pete Blackshaw, who helped develop and promote the CGF work. 

The CGF will develop an online portal dedicated to the consumer engagement principles that will help build awareness among consumers.

Read more about the principles.