Jul 31, 2014

Nestlé creates a learning app for kids

boy playing with the StimuLearn app  

Nestlé’s milk drink brand Nido has created a free interactive educational app to encourage children to read, stick to daily routines such as brushing their teeth, and improve their memory and attention.

Launched earlier this summer, StimuLearn includes a Storytime Duet feature that encourages kids to read stories with their parents and a Mother App feature, allowing mums to track their children's progress in reading and other skills development.

As education expert Gavin Keller, StimuLearn app advocate, told Lotus FM radio in South Africa, toddlers are “digital natives”. Using technology comes so naturally to them, he said, that the question is not whether children should use apps, but which ones they use. StimuLearn allows kids to spend their screen time constructively.

The app is available in English, Indonesian and Spanish and has already been used widely in Indonesia, South Africa and Mexico.

According to Nestlé Indonesia, there were just over 800 StimuLearn users from mid-June to mid-July.

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Download StimuLearn (English and Indonesian) for iOS

Download StimuLearn app (Spanish) for Android