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Alliance for YOUth helps 50,000 young Europeans become more employable




50,000 young Europeans have found jobs or training opportunities in the first year of the Alliance for YOUth - a group of almost 200 companies mobilised by Nestlé to help young people in Europe find work.

This is half the 100,000 employability opportunities the Alliance pledged to create by 2017.

“After one year of activity, we can say that the “Alliance for YOUth” creates a new dynamic” says Luis Cantarell, Executive Vice President for Nestlé. “More than 60% of the business partners have already improved youth recruitment practices and youth employability since they became involved in the Alliance.”

With 4.8 million people in Europe under the age of 25 still unemployed, the Alliance for YOUth is working closely with schools and universities to set up ‘dual learning’ schemes, which involve combining formal education with apprenticeships and on-the-job training, to help match skills with jobs on the market.

Nestlé has committed to 'offer 20,000 job opportunities for young people below 30 years of age at Nestlé in Europe' by 2016.

View an infographic on what the Alliance for YOUth has achieved in one year (pdf, 520Kb) and read the full press release on the eu40 website.