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Driving innovation with Henri@Nestlé


Nestlé is to build new partnerships with startups by launching a new global open innovation platform called Henri@Nestlé.

The platform will expand Nestlé’s on-going activities in working with startups by building on the Silicon Valley Innovation Outpost, launched in 2013.

It will help create a more effective approach to innovation, working with technology partners and early stage entrepreneurs.

Henri@Nestlé will provide an online mechanism for startups to partner with Nestlé and gain access to its geographic reach & extensive brand portfolio.

Startups can submit ideas to the site, which will provide an ongoing series of business challenges on themes from digital services and sustainability to creative content and product innovation among others.

Successful applicants will receive funding and the chance to partner, pilot and scale up their solution with Nestlé.

Henri@Nestlé is due to launch at the end of June.