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Nescafé campaign helps strangers in Berlin connect over coffee


Nescafé’s Instant Connections campaign, that shows strangers in Berlin how they can connect over a cup of coffee, has received over a million views on Facebook and more than 85,000 on YouTube.

Hidden cameras filmed commuters on either side of a busy road, each pressing what looked like a regular pedestrian crossing button – except that the buttons were labelled ‘push together’.

When two people figured out they had to press the button at the same time, they were both rewarded with a cup of Nescafé that was delivered automatically by vending machines camouflaged beneath the pedestrian crossing button.

In one day, the campaign has helped over 600 people connect over Nescafé coffee.

“We are delighted to have triggered so many spontaneous social interactions that otherwise would not have happened. A great cup of Nescafé is a natural way to start real connections, and we wanted to bring this to life in an unexpected, innovative and enjoyable way” said Michael Chrisment, Global Head of Integrated Marketing for Nescafé.

“This video reflects the reinvigorated REDvolution strategy that aligns all our Nescafé products and brand marketing across 180 global markets.”

Watch the Nescafé Instant Connections campaign video and read The Drum’s take on the campaign.