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Nestlé launches its first gluten-free breakfast cereal


Nestlé has launched its first gluten-free breakfast cereal to meet rising consumer demand, particularly in Europe where the new product is available.

Gluten Free Corn Flakes are being sold in traditional flavour in a number of European markets, including Austria and Spain.

Additional launches of the new product, which is priced in line with other cereal offerings, are planned for next year in France, Germany and Switzerland.

Gluten is a naturally occurring protein found in grains, such as wheat. Nestlé Gluten Free Corn Flakes are aimed at consumers who are gluten sensitive and interested in reducing the amount of gluten in their diets, as well as those who suffer from Coeliac Disease, an autoimmune disease.

The gluten-free cereals market is growing significantly throughout Europe.

The gluten-free corn flakes are fortified with vitamins and minerals to ensure that essential nutrients are in every bowl.

Nestlé breakfast cereals are manufactured by Cereal Partners Worldwide, the joint venture between Nestlé and General Mills Inc.