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Starbucks non-dairy coffee creamers to launch in the US

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As customer interest in plant-based creamers continues to see rapid growth, Nestlé and Starbucks today announced Starbucks Non-Dairy Creamers, the latest innovation from their global coffee alliance.

Building on Starbucks entry into the creamer category in July 2019, it is now expanding its existing portfolio to include non-dairy options.

Starbucks Non-Dairy Creamers are available in two flavors – caramel and hazelnut – to bring customers exciting new ways to enjoy coffee at home. Crafted with a unique blend of almonds and oats, Starbucks Non-Dairy Creamers create a rich and smooth texture with delicious flavors inspired by customer-favorite handcrafted beverages.

Starbucks Non-Dairy Creamers will be available in the refrigerated dairy aisle nationwide in the United States beginning in August.

Nestlé and Starbucks continue to innovate and expand rapidly to deliver a premium experience to coffee lovers around the world.

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