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Jun 28, 2016

Nestlé extends research collaboration to find alternatives to salt

salt reduction

Nestlé is extending its research collaboration with life sciences company Chromocell as part of its ongoing efforts to reduce sodium in its products while ensuring they remain pleasurable to eat.

The company will continue to provide funding to Chromocell to utilise its proprietary “Chromovert” technology to identify natural compounds that provide similar or equally pleasing tastes to salt.

Nestlé is committed to reducing the amount of sodium in its foods and beverages to provide healthier choices while retaining the same great taste. This is achieved through gradual reductions using its culinary expertise and replacing sodium with other healthier minerals.

By the end of 2015, Nestlé achieved an overall sodium reduction of 880 tonnes, or 8%, towards its objective of a 10% reduction in salt content by 2016 in those products that did not meet its Nutritional Foundation criteria.

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