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What is Nestlé doing about deforestation?

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In 2010, we made a commitment on no-deforestation (pdf, 28Kb), which states that our products will not be associated with deforestation. This commitment covers all the raw materials we use to make our products and packaging.

We have developed accompanying category-specific requirements set out in the Nestlé Responsible Sourcing Guideline (pdf, 2Mb). We are mapping our supply chain of key raw materials back to their origin and we assess and develop our suppliers against these guidelines.

We have an ongoing partnership with global non-profit organisation Earthworm Foundation to ensure the responsible sourcing of palm oil and pulp and paper.

As a member of the Consumer Goods Forum, we also support its commitment to help achieve zero-net deforestation by 2020.

In 2013, in partnership with the non-governmental organisation Conservation International, we developed guides to track and illustrate areas at greatest risk of deforestation.

In 2014, we joined a number of companies to support Global Forest Watch (GFW), an online transparent mapping application providing data about what is happening in forests worldwide. GFW is intended for use by stakeholders who seek to better manage the world’s forests and improve local livelihoods.

Since 2018, we are using Starling, a satellite-based service developed by Airbus and Earthworm Foundation, to monitor 100% of our global palm oil supply chains. We will extend the program to cover our pulp and paper supply chains in 2019 as well as soya at a later stage. As of March 2019, 77% of our purchases of key agricultural commodities linked to deforestation (palm oil, pulp and paper, soya, meat and sugar) was verified as deforestation-free (pdf, 90Kb). This is based on risk mapping combined with 3rd party verification on the ground, and/or from the sky. As our supply chain evolves on a daily basis, we will continue to closely monitor this performance and issue regular updates on our progress.

In March 2019, we launched our initial Action Plan (pdf, 580Kb) under the Cocoa & Forests Initiative to end deforestation and promote forest restoration in cocoa. Our plan includes a number of commitments and actions to support forest protections and restoration, sustainable cocoa production and community engagement and social inclusion.

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