Minimizing animal testing

Nestlé shares people’s concerns about animal testing. We are committed to reducing our use of it to a minimum, and believe it should only take place when absolutely necessary, to meet our ethical and legal obligations.

We have to use animal testing when it is required as part of the regulatory authorization process to commercialize a product, during research and development of novel ingredients, or to show their safety.

When animal testing is required, we follow all applicable laws and regulations. We follow the ‘Triple R’ principles: Replace (use an alternative to animal testing wherever possible), Reduce (minimize the number of tested animals) and Refine (evolve experimental procedures to reduce animal suffering or discomfort’).

When we have to test on animals, we provide them with proper housing, nutrition and care, and ensure ethical handling. Our employees are trained to make sure they are aware of the ethical issues involved and the need to show respect towards animals at all times.

We do not use animal testing to develop conventional human foods and drinks such as coffee, tea, cereal and chocolate, to develop cosmetic products or to compare these kinds of products with those of competitors.

You can read our Nestlé Policy for Animal Testing (pdf, 2Mb) 

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