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The future of pet care

5 exciting trends for pet owners to look out for
Pet care
Much to the frustration of my eight-year-old daughter, we are currently a no-pets household.

I want to teach her that pet-ownership is a huge responsibility, so we're waiting for the right time.

Until then, the whole Purina LiveLab team know that I am always available for pet-sitting at the weekend. There's nothing that we love more than looking after other people's animals. And, of course, it gives me a great opportunity to try all of our latest innovations.

In 2021, there are more pet-owners across the globe than ever before. During COVID-19 a whopping 70% more pets were brought home than in the previous year. At Nestlé, we move fast to bring families what they need, so we've had a lot to think about.

During COVID-19 a whopping 70% more pets were brought home than in the previous year

Nutrition and taste have always been key for happy and healthy pets. But now, we understand animals better than ever, so we can provide more tailored products for their very best physical and mental well-being; all brought to families quickly, conveniently, and sustainably.

Our teams of experts across Purina work on innovations for pets around the world. Here are some of our most exciting and promising examples.

1. Pets can be flexitarians too

Dogs may be omnivores, but cats are carnivores - they need meat in their diet. We've been researching sustainable ingredients that can be paired with meat to give pets all the nutrition they need.

Purina beyond

Purina Beyond Nature's Protein, sold in Switzerland, combines insect protein, chicken, and plant proteins from fava beans and millet. Developed by vets and nutritionists, the formulas are designed for the different nutritional needs and taste preferences of dogs and cats. They are both good for digestion and high in nutrient value.

2. Good things come in sustainable packages

We've been working intensively on innovative ways to rethink packaging for the sake of the planet. This can come in the form of simple changes; like our recyclable flexible pouch for Felix wet pet food in the Netherlands - the first of its kind.

Purina Dog Chow Algramo

It can also be something entirely new, like our milkman-style Purina Dog Chow home delivery service in Chile via Algramo. Families can use a mobile app to order their dog's dinner, which is then tricycled to their door and dispensed into a reusable and refillable container.

Also, working in collaboration with the start-up MIWA, we are offering consumers to purchase Purina ONE Cat food using reusable containers in 16 Nestlé shops across Switzerland.

3. Upcycled ingredients

Food waste has a big impact on landfills, water waste, and greenhouse gas emissions. So we constantly work on ways to upcycle ingredients that would otherwise be left to spoil.

Purina adventuros

Our pilot in Netherlands for a new dog food treat - Purina Adventuros - uses nutrient-rich grains leftover from breweries. It is one of the first upcycled pet foods in Europe, and we're excited to see how families respond for a potential wider roll out.

4. Tailored for wagging tails

Wellness is a hot topic in 2021. Of course, this extends to our pets. Families are looking for bespoke products for their pet's specific needs.

Tails website

Tails is our UK-based subscription service that allows consumers to sign up for monthly deliveries of bespoke dog food based on age, size, breed, and sensitivities or health goals. In Australia, we have also developed an app-connected smart bowl using Amazon Web Services to help pet owners monitor nutrition for their pets, even taking into account their activity levels.

5. Household happiness

Pet owners know the overwhelming stress of having a dog or cat who is feeling anxious or afraid. We've been working on supplements that can help our animals with their moods, whilst also offering planet-friendly nutrition. Our calming care probiotic supplements in the U.S. from Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Supplements address anxious behaviors. Available for dogs currently and for cats very soon, it helps them to stay calm and cope with external stressors like separation, unfamiliar visitors, novel sounds, or changes in routine.

Purina ProPlan for cats

Pro Plan LiveClear is the first and only cat food shown to simply and safely reduce the major allergen that exists in cat hair and dander. It's a revolutionary way to manage allergens for as many as 1 in 5 adults worldwide who are sensitive - allowing cat owners to get closer than ever to the cats they love.

These are exciting times for pet-ownership, which makes for exciting times at Purina. Our expert teams take immense pride in finding increasingly sustainable, effective, and personalized ways to care for pets; so we always have new innovations to try out. My daughter is already planning new treats for when we host our next four-legged house guest.