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What is your response to false stories that Nestlé wants to privatize water from Brazil’s Guarani Aquifer?

Nestlé does not extract water from any part of the Guarani Aquifer in South America, including in Brazil.

We have no plans to do so and neither are we discussing this matter with the Brazilian authorities.

Suggestions to the contrary in stories online are incorrect. In fact, the following news outlets have published articles calling out this privatization claim as false news:

Wherever we bottle water, we conduct water resource studies and constantly monitor our withdrawals to ensure we do not negatively affect local watersheds and aquifers.

In June 2021, we announced that we will advance the regeneration of the water cycle to help create a positive water impact everywhere our waters business operates by 2025. We will implement more than 100 projects for our 48 waters sites by 2025 and invest CHF 120 million to assist the implementation of these projects. As of 2025 onwards, our approach will help nature retain more water than our waters business uses in its operations.

We are fully committed to water stewardship and the human right to water.

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