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How do you manage the impact of water bottling on the environment?

By ensuring that all the water we use is replenished naturally. To minimize our impact on the environment, we’re investing in new technologies at our water bottling factories.

For example, our facility in Buxton, UK uses 100% renewable energy. Our factory in Henniez, Switzerland uses agricultural biogas plant to help meet its power needs.

Caring for water forms part of Nestlé’s wider ambition to strive for zero environmental impact in our operations. We’re always exploring new ways to reduce and, where possible, reuse water.

In June 2021, we announced that we will advance the regeneration of the water cycle to help create a positive water impact everywhere our waters business operates by 2025. We will implement more than 100 projects for our 48 waters sites by 2025 and invest CHF 120 million to assist the implementation of these projects. As of 2025 onwards, our approach will help nature retain more water than our waters business uses in its operations.

We also work to make water freely available to people living near our water factories.