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What do you think about the Bottled Life documentary?

Bottled Life is a 2012 film about our bottled water business. It is ideological, one-sided and factually incorrect.

For example, it suggests that Nestlé is taking groundwater from Pakistani farmers in the Punjab.

In 2012 we only operated two out of around 680,000 wells in the Punjab, both of which the government regularly monitored. And in the village where our factory is, we’d built two water filtration plants that provided free water to 10,000 people, while a third was being built.

Read our former Chairman’s full response to Bottled Life (pdf, 36Kb).

Water is essential for life, and water scarcity is a growing problem. At Nestlé we take our responsibilities seriously. This is why we work to reduce the amount of water we use, and to reuse it, wherever possible.

By working with other users in the water basins around our facilities, we can help conserve this precious resource, and ensure the long-term health of the communities where we operate.