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Naturnes pack

NaturNes baby food is a new generation of baby foods delivering better nutrition and taste through unique steam cooking that helps preserve nutrients and flavour. 100% natural ingredients. Let your little one taste the difference.

Best nutrition and best natural taste
NaturNes baby food offers the best nutrition without compromising taste. The recipe range of NaturNes takes into account the:

  • correct balance of macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats)
  • energy density
  • quality of essential fatty acids
  • correct introduction of potential allergenic ingredients and avoidance of harmful ingredients to a baby’s still fragile system.

Products are totally free from added salt, sugar and modified starches. The result is a nutritious, balanced and naturally delicious product.

Modern, convenient packaging
The pack features light and stackable plastic bowls with re-closable lids for freshness. The design reflects consumer convenience and safety. Parents can hold the plastic bowl in their hand when feeding their baby; it has a solid base so it does not tip when children start to feed themselves. It can be heated easily in the microwave oven or in a bain-marie.

Packaging with reduced environmental impact
Using Life Cycle Analysis of environmental impacts across the lifecycle of its products, Nestlé works to improve the environmental performance of its products. For NaturNes baby food, lightweight plastic bowl packaging has been selected over traditional glass jars to help deliver a 25% reduction in C02 emissions and energy consumption in production and transportation (Source: 2007, Ecointesys, independent institute).