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Water stewardship advocacy

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Our commitment

Advocate for effective water policies and stewardship


Water is a shared resource, so protecting it must be a shared responsibility. We pursue joint actions to safeguard vulnerable water sources, developing a wide pool of collective knowledge. 

Demonstrating our commitment

In 2008, a consortium of leaders came together to establish the 2030 Water Resources Group (2030 WRG). Nestlé has been a member of this consortium from the start, and a dedicated supporter ever since. The 2030 WRG has a simple purpose: to build strong partnerships in pursuit of more sustainable water management. To date, we have added 14 countries to the 2030 WRG.

We must also be diligent about improving our own water stewardship ‒ which is why we have implemented the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) Standard in 41 locations. Our bottled water factory in Ontario, California, exemplifies what dedication can achieve, receiving platinum-level AWS certification, the highest accolade possible.



Funding efficient irrigation in Tanzania

Agriculture in Tanzania is responsible for 85% of national freshwater withdrawals, yet inefficient practices mean that up to 45% is lost. The 2030 WRG is working with 3000 farmers in the Pangani and Rufiji Basins to increase access to financing for improved water technologies like drip irrigation systems. 

A research team is helping connect farmers to buyers for their produce. This will secure a stable income for farmers, and allow them to pay back irrigation financing loans. Establishing these connections also helps farmers improve their credit ratings, increase their chances of successfully applying for future loans and gain better financial stability.

water irrigation in Tanzania

Fostering collective action in Lebanon

Preserving water sources in the areas where we operate is a top priority, and working closely with others is one of the best ways to do this.

In the Shouf Mountains of western Lebanon, we teamed up with the Shouf Biosphere Reserve to commission a two-year study of local underground water reserves. The research discovered that despite the reserves having large capacity for holding water, they are prone to droughts caused by seasonal shifts in water flow.

This information formed the foundation of a robust plan to protect the reserves and drew support from prominent figures, including representatives from local and national government.

Protecting water resources in France

Nestlé Waters’ flagship water preservation initiative, Agrivair, was established back in 1992. This pioneering community project, which covers 10 000 hectares in the Vosges region of France, was designed to protect the quality of the sources of our Vittel, Contrex and Hépar mineral water brands.

Bringing together farmers, businesses, governments and experts, Agrivair takes a holistic approach to improving local soil quality and biodiversity while preserving water sources and access.

The initiative inspires farmers to develop resilient, responsible businesses. It makes land available, provides compost and manure-spreading services, and advises on technology and financing. Farmers are also encouraged to minimize pesticide use and to limit cattle populations while maintaining a fair income.