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Games for healthier kids

#10 ideas to help your child eat healthily and move more
Games for healthier kids
Inspiring your kids to eat a balanced diet and to exercise needn’t cause you stress.

As part of our global initiative Nestlé for Healthier Kids, we’ve pulled together a series of fun games designed to encourage kids to drink more water, eat more fruit and vegetables, manage their portion sizes, and be more active.

Let’s give them a whirl!

1. Art mats

Boring old placemats are out. Art mats are in. Download and print off a placemat that can be folded into a paper plane once mealtime is over – and as a reward for trying some new foods.

2. Who am I?


Hide an animal sticker on the underside of a drinking cup filled with water, for a fun ‘Yes’/’No’ hydration game. To find out what animal it is, the child takes a sip, showing the sticker to you as they raise the cup. Each mouthful they drink allows them to ask you another question, until they guess correctly.

3. Stand up! Sit down!

Use a series of keywords to liven up passive activities. When watching TV, listen out for anyone using the keyword. That’s your cue to jump up, fast! Quickest on the draw wins a prize. Then sit down and start again.

4. Evoluplace Mats


Portion sizes are crucial to make sure you’re giving your children a balanced diet. These printable placemats will help you make sure you’re giving the right amounts of each food group to children of different ages. Not only are they a handy portion size guide, they help kids understand this important message too.

5. Paper chasers

Use different coloured pieces of sticky paper notes as the basis of a series of fun-filled treasure hunt activities. Try hiding paper round the house and awarding points for different colours children find. Or have two teams each with their own designated color. Then give them one minute to gather up as many of their opponent’s color as they can.


6. Mystery seeds

Kids love growing plants - especially if they get to eat the produce. Add an element of mystery by not telling them what plant the seed will grow into. You’ll need pots, soil, and seeds. Your child will need patience! Read how to get kids gardening to encourage them to eat healthily.

7. Ready, set, go!

Finding time to eat breakfast together as a family can be a challenge. You can try saving some time by getting as much as you can ready the night before, including setting the table. So when breakfast time comes, you’re ready to go.

8. Dance like a star


Dancing is a great way to get active, improve coordination, and to learn something. Pick a dance routine, print out the moves, get your child to practice them. You can hide the paper to see how many they remember.

9. Explorer’s card

This is a little like a loyalty card for varied eating. Download and print off an Explorer’s Card, and each time your child tries something on the card, it gets crossed off – or stamped. Once your child fills the card, they can redeem it for a fun activity.

10. Tasty cubes

How do you make water more exciting? By adding flavour and colour, of course. Make some fruity ice cubes by freezing water with chopped up fruit pieces. Then just add water. Hey presto! Goodbye boring water, hello tasty difference.


Read more about Nestlé for Healthier Kids, our flagship initiative to help future generations eat better foods and beverages, and to move more. The program aims to help 50 million children lead healthier lives by 2030.